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Choosing interior film for walls and panels is for those who want hassle-free and exquisite renovation. Why traditional approaches don’t work anymore:

  • Paint will inevitably start peeling off in a few years. It only offers homogenous, unsophisticated color solutions;

  • Wallpaper doesn’t apply to non-flat surfaces. Neither you can apply wallpaper to all types of surface materials.

  • Installing paneling anew is too expensive. Material variation is limited; you usually only have a few wood options. You don’t even consider fancy options like marble, stone or mirror.

Architectural film solves it all. You decide how your walls & panels will look. With 450+ patterns, the only boundary is one’s imagination. Any solid surface, at any condition, the architectural film wraps it all. Afraid that it will look cheap and fake? Don’t be. The multi-layer structure of the film ensures that when you touch marble, you feel marble. When you touch wood, you feel wood.


Walls & Panels

Why Refinishing Is Better Than

Paint, Refacing Or Buying New Panels And Walls

Bodaq Interior Film is resistant to heat, humidity, crackling, and delamination. Refinished walls maintain the new appeal for 20+ years.

Extreme Durability

No phthalates, formaldehyde, and other toxic emissions during manufacturing, installation, and exploitation. Atopy safe for babies, the minimal carbon footprint is certified.


On average, walls refinishing is 50% less expensive than traditional renovation approaches, such as repainting, refacing, and replacing.

Budget Saving

Design Flexibility

You choose your design. Whether you want classy white walls, warm oak wood or you are ready to experiment with concrete and textured fabric, we will gladly assist you. 

Quick & Clean Installation

Refinishing happens without any noise, dust, or activity interruption. You won’t even notice that renovation is happening in the next room because it is quiet and the only waste is the released backed-paper.

Easy Maintenance

Treat it as any other surface but without worrying about possible scratches or warps. The material possesses strong damage-resistance qualities.

Pricing Idea 


Material cost depends on the pattern of your choice. Surface preparation and other expenses are not included in the price.

On-site assessment is required for an accurate quote.

Flush Door (flat, 1 side, up to 3.5 x 7 ft)


Panel Door (stile and rails, 1 side, up to 3.5*7 ft)




We offer a wide variety of films for all surface renovations. Please select from the list below.

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Wall & Panels
Kitchen Cabinets
Reception Desks
Other Furniture
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